Front Load Bin Services

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First Class Waste Services | Chilliwack BC | Inquire NowAt First Class and Alpine Valley our first thought is YOU!  We focus our attention at designing a service program which best meets your needs.  Keeping it simple, cost efficient and finding solutions to reduce your carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly.

Waste Service using Front Load Bins

Whether you’re a farmer, small business owner, commercial property owner, apartment or office building owner our Front Load Bins can be made to work for you.  Available in a variety of sizes from 1 to 8 cubic yards these bins are ready to use for collection of garbage, mixed recycling including cardboard or organic waste collection.

Front Load Split Bins save Space

Don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to two front load bins? No problem! First Class Waste and Alpine Valley have two compartment Front Load Split Bins. Use one side for your garbage and the other side for mixed recycling collection. Available in sizes from 1 to 6 cubic yards, we have the bin that will save you space and help you to be environmentally friendly.

Customize your Front Load Bins with a Corporate Logo

Enhance your business profile with Custom Painted Front Load Bins. Ask your local representative for details on how you can put your company colours and logo on your waste and recycle bins. This service is available free of charge. Some conditions apply. Check it out today!
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“First in Service,” It’s our promise to you!

Front Load Bins located in a steep underground parking lot?  Let us help make your job easier by providing a small tractor and hitch system for your front load waste bins.  Make that pull out safer, easier and quicker.  Ask your local sales representative for details.

Front Load Bin Dimensions

Please note that the following dimensions are approximate and are based on our standard flat top bins.
1 Cubic Yard 71” wide (left to right) x 27” deep (front to back) x 27” high (top to bottom)
2 Cubic Yard71” wide (left to right) x 34” deep (front to back) x 39” high (top to bottom)
3 Cubic Yard71” wide (left to right) x 40” deep (front to back) x 48” high (top to bottom)
4 Cubic Yard71” wide (left to right) x 54” deep (front to back) x 48” high (top to bottom)
6 Cubic Yard71” wide (left to right) x 66” deep (front to back) x 58” high (top to bottom)
8 Cubic Yard71” wide (left to right) x 66” deep (front to back) x 80” high (top to bottom)
Measurements are inside and do not include hinges, castor brackets, floor ribs, top ribs, pockets or lids.

We service the Fraser Valley and can provide waste disposal services to Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, the District of Kent, Hope and beyond.  Our professional drivers will service your bins in a timely fashion, tidy up around your bins and compound, and close and lock the bins or compound when required.

Contact First Class Waste Services and Alpine Valley Disposal for all of your Front Load Bin needs

If you’re looking for a quote on waste services or you’d just like more information, please contact our offices in Abbotsford at 604.504.2818 or Chilliwack at 604.823.2116.  You can also [complete our online form…].