The Benefits of Taking Your Junk to the Abbotsford Transfer Station

While most people tend to think that taking their junk to a transfer station is a bit of a hassle, there are actually many benefits for doing so. The main benefit being that all your junk is properly processed. This means that anything that could be recycled or composted is removed from the junk that will wind up at the dump. At First Class Waste, we understand how important it is that we monitor what is going into our landfills. Here is a quick look at some of the things that you can and … [Read more...]

Abbotsford Transfer Station: Garbage Disposal Made Easy

Garbage disposal for household projects and renovations can be a big hassle. First Class Waste Services recommends front load bin rentals and roll-off container rentals for large projects that result in a lot of garbage. There are times when bin and container rentals are not necessary though. Sometimes household projects and renovations are small enough in size that the resulting waste can be managed by loading it all up into the back of a vehicle followed by one or two trips to a local transfer … [Read more...]