Properly Disposing of Your Organic Food and Yard Waste

At First Class Waste, we understand how important properly disposing of your organic food and yard waste is for the environment. That is why we offer curbside collection services that are designed to better prevent organic and compostable waste from entering the landfill. Compostable Waste Collection Compostable waste collection services in Abbotsford are used to prevent any form of food waste or yard waste from ending up in the landfill. Some of the items that can be picked up from … [Read more...]

Waste Disposal Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are a great time for spreading cheer through decorations and gifts, but they are also a time when a lot of waste is created. At First Class Waste, we want to help ensure that you are able to dispose of your waste properly. That is why our team has put together some tips for disposing of holiday waste. 1. Holiday Food Scraps The holidays are a time for over-eating everything from turkey and stuffing to chocolate and cane canes; however, while we all try to eat as much food as … [Read more...]

Garbage Disposal Services for Businesses

If you are looking for garbage disposal services for your business that are straightforward, we can help. At First Class Waste, our main focus is offering garbage disposal services for businesses that are simple, cost efficient, and offer more environmentally friendly solutions to reduce your carbon footprint. Garbage Disposal Services Using Front Load Bins No matter what type of garbage disposal or recycling services you are looking to have for your business, our front load bins can be made … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Hiring a Garbage Bin Rental Company

If you are thinking about starting a home renovation or cleaning out the garage, or if you need to get rid of a lot of construction site waste, you should consider renting a garbage bin or dumpster from a garbage bin rental company. At First Class Waste, we understand that there is nothing worse than having your home and yard littered with junk. That is why we offer bin rental services for both residential and commercial sites. Garbage Bin Rentals Offer Cleanliness Garbage bin rentals allow … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Taking Your Junk to the Abbotsford Transfer Station

While most people tend to think that taking their junk to a transfer station is a bit of a hassle, there are actually many benefits for doing so. The main benefit being that all your junk is properly processed. This means that anything that could be recycled or composted is removed from the junk that will wind up at the dump. At First Class Waste, we understand how important it is that we monitor what is going into our landfills. Here is a quick look at some of the things that you can and … [Read more...]

Garbage Pickup Services

Our team at First Class Waste makes garbage pickup easy with our simplified garbage & recycling collection services. Our garbage pickup services are available to single family dwellings, multi-family dwellings, municipalities and private townhouse and strata complexes. We offer both short term and long term garbage pickup services for commercial and residential waste disposal needs. From residential garbage pickup to front load bin rentals and roll-off containers, First Class Waste has … [Read more...]

Waste Removal Made Easy

At First Class Waste, we make waste removal easy with our large selection of waste removal services including front load bins, roll-off containers and residential garbage and recycling. Our services can be used for a variety of different applications including household projects, home renovations and construction sites. First Class Waste has its own fully licensed and certified waste transfer station in Abbotsford, which makes waste disposal even more convenient. Learn more about how First Class … [Read more...]

Roll-off Container Rentals in the Fraser Valley

Construction sites and home renovation projects often produce more waste than originally intended. When unprepared, this can often lead to multiple, time-consuming trips to the recycling depot or waste transfer station. If waste is not properly organized, it can create a cluttered, unsafe workspace. Roll-off container rentals are a great way to effectively organize project waste while simultaneously reducing the number of waste disposal trips. For roll-off container rentals in the Fraser Valley, … [Read more...]

Launching First Class Waste & Alpine Valley Disposal Online

First Class and Alpine Valley are pleased to announce the launch of their new website Now our customers can easily request pick up or make service change requests online. New customers can quickly submit their information for Pre-Authorized payments and check out all of the services and custom bins available to them, including our unique corporate custom bin service.  Our website will also be a great place find information on our community activities happening all year … [Read more...]