Waste Removal Made Easy

At First Class Waste, we make waste removal easy with our large selection of waste removal services including front load bins, roll-off containers and residential garbage and recycling. Our services can be used for a variety of different applications including household projects, home renovations and construction sites. First Class Waste has its own fully licensed and certified waste transfer station in Abbotsford, which makes waste disposal even more convenient. Learn more about how First Class Waste makes waste removal easy.

Front load bin services for waste removal

Front load bins are an ideal waste removal tool for commercial property owners, apartment buildings, office buildings and more. First Class Waste carries front load bins in many different sizes so that finding a bin to meet your exact specifications is easy. Front load bins vary in size between 1 to 8 cubic yards. These bins are great for disposing of garbage, recycling, organic and cardboard waste. For businesses that deal with strict space constraints, First Class Waste offers split bins that allow owners to use one side for garbage disposal and the other side for recycling.

Waste removal with roll-off containers

Roll-off containers are perfect for projects of all sizes including small home renovations and large construction sites. They come in many different sizes ranging from 8 to 50 cubic yards. Roll-off containers can hold a lot of waste. This saves both time and money by reducing the number of trips that will need to be made to the transfer station. First Class Waste rents roll-off containers for both short-term and long-term waste removal solutions.

Residential garbage and recycling services

First Class Waste also provides residential garbage removal and recycling services which includes the collection of garbage, recycling, yard waste, food scraps and compost. This is ideal for property owners, townhouses and strata complexes that do not have the resources to remove this waste on their own. First Class Waste offers a variety of residential garbage and recycling services including door to door waste removal and community recycling programs.

To learn more about how First Class Waste makes waste removal easy, contact us at 604-823-2116. The Abbotsford Transfer Station is open everyday of the week between 7:00am to 5:00pm. Please give us a call to learn more about what waste materials we accept at the transfer station. For special events, we carry portable toilets that have sinks and hand sanitizers.